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Silestone has variety of applications in interiors at home as well as in public areas. Here, in Application section of this web site, you may find photo galleries with various solutions or specific applications of Silestone in different functional environments. To view the galleries: navigate from the main menu to the desired section and start browsing photo galleries.

Silestone mainly is suitable for interior projects. Nevertheless, in some limited cases it is possible to use the product in exterior. To be sure of your choice in this cases, please contact our consultants.

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Orders and Purchasing

To order your Silestone product, please go to the Trade Venues section and search the Silestone partners. We tried to offer you variety of trade venues, depending on type of your project.

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Whatever partner you choose to work with, delivery and manufacturing terms are fixed as follows:

а. Maximum delivery term of materials is up to 40 days, but usually takes up to 5 days. Maximum delivery term shall be applied only on case of out of stock materials.

b. For kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops and other custom made products, the maximum manufacturing term is up to 15 days after taking measurements and approving the project details.

* Please note, that the above terms are binding only to Silestone materials and manufactured products, but not include additional elements of your project, like custom made cabinets, fitting or installation works etc., that our partners may offer you, and shall be subject to your approval.

You may, of course! This is common solution for renovation with practicality. The customers are in the center of Cosentino core values and mission. For us is very important to provide you any advice, key information or consultant services for the market segments, we are working with. In order to find your best partner for home renovation, please go to the Trade Venues section of the web site and search our partners.

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The thickness of Silestone slabs that you may choose, depends on the project application, your preferences and the final style and design you want to create. The thickness may depend on the kitchen cabinets or other furniture requirements or can be also a matter of style you prefer. In case of bathroom countertops, the material thickness may be used to cover consoles, sinks or other elements.

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The edge processing is applied on visible contertops edges. It is not mandatory, but recommended. Depending on the stone texture, homogeneity, veins or shades, as well as the surface finishes, different edges can change the esthetics of the final Silestone product.

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To be sure that you own the original Silestone product, please note the following:

a. Buy Silestone only from the Trade venues, designer studios, or commercial shops, listed in our website.

b. Check on installation phase, that on the back side of your product there are labels with Silestone or Cosentino trademarks.

c. Silestone provides written warranty to every Silestone surface.


Silestonе is a technical improved version of natural stone. Unlike any natural material in the manufacture process of quartz stone is used additional materials and processing, making it stronger, more durable and providing more variations of colors, textures and designs.

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Silestonе is provided custom sized, depending on your needs. The slab material is provided in two sizes – standard size (140 см х 306 см) and jumbo size (159 см х 325 см). Also we provide Silestone in standard sizes for floors and walls tiling.

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There is no difference in physical and mechanical characteristics of different surface finishes of Silestone.

Nevertheless, Volcano series product require more cleaning efforts compared with Polished and Suede finishes, due to Volcano surface texture.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Your Silestonе is not require any special treatment. As every other product in household, it needs ordinary cleaning and care, in order to keep it shiny and beautiful.

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Yes, Silestone provides 25 (twenty five) years written warranty.

This warranty covers quartz surfaces, used to produce Silestone countertops, backsplashes, floors and walls tiling and any other applications in interior spaces.

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