About Silestone & Concetino

  • Cosentino Group is a global, Spanish, family-owned company that produces and distributes high value innovative surfaces for the world of design and architecture.
    In 1990, Cosentino created Silestone, a product that highlights the best of natural stone, but with extra advantages by High-Tech production process, for increasing longevity and durability.
  • Silestone is one of the oldest Cosentino's brands. The original brand name for a new kind of surface, it is the market leader with the biggest share of quartz worktops for kitchens as well as bathrooms surfaces.
    The quartz countertop Silestone by Cosentino is among the World leading surface brands of kitchens and bathroom. Silestone is a part of the exclusive Foro de Marcas Renombradas de España (Spanish Forum of Leading Brands), consisting of a mere 75 Spanish brands.
  • Starting from practical and tangible values, admitted by professionals as stylists, designers and architects, Silestone had affirmed as a world known brand with rich collection of more than 100 colours, being present in more than 50 countries, leader in its sector, and a capacity of research and innovation for both public and private building projects in the 21st century.
Silestone through the years
  • 2015
    Silestone Authentic Life
  • 2014
    Silestone Authentic Life
  • 2013
    Silestone Authentic Life
  • 2012
    Silestone Authentic Life
  • 2011
    Authentic Life & Fernando Alonso
  • 2001
    Original Silestone & Andrés Velencoso
  • 2010
    Driven by Innovation, Fernando Alonso
  • 2009
    Silestone, Paz Vega, Andrés Velencoso
  • 2008
    Silestone Platinum by Fernando Alonso
  • 2007
    Be Unique & Goya Toledo
  • 2006
    Silestone LIFE!
  • 2005
    Silestone Antibacterias
  • 2004
    Silestone & Scalea
  • 2003
    Silestone, Piensa en Cuarzo
  • 2002
    Practica EL KITCHENING, Silestone
  • 2001
    ¿Tu no sueñas en color?
    Elija color, Elija Silestone
  • 1994 - 95
    Silestone la seducción del color